Use this 10 day Adaptiv Challenge to introduce the Adaptiv System to your customers. During this challenge they will learn about products you offer that can help support emotional wellness. Each day offers a daily wellness activity such as journaling, affirmations, and meditations. Your challenge participants will also learn how nutrition, hydration, and other lifestyle factors can play a major role in their emotional wellbeing. For this package you will pay for access to our exclusive training group. Once you are in the group you will recieve the tools you need for this program and instruction on how to use them for FREE.


Included free in this package you receive:


  • Leaders strategy document

  • Customer workbook

  • 10 days of post content pre written for you

  • 10 days worth of graphics

  • A custom Lisa Zimmer make & take

  • A set of downloadable labels for your make & take

  • A photography collection to help with branding or save for other future posts

  • A private training group (CLICK HERE) to access

Adaptiv for Emotional Wellness Challenge

  • Please download the PDF you are provided immediately at checkout. If you have issues with that PDF you can access your content by joining our training FB group by clicking HERE.