Join Lisa Zimmer & Mandi Johnston as we walk you though how to effectively run your team through a 10day "Master your Metabolism Challenge".


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Your participants will get many things from you and will learn...


  • How hormones impact metabolism

  • Why sleep & stress can be leading to belly fat

  • Alternative ways to get better drinking water

  • 6 water infusion recipes

  • 10 clean eating snacks/lunch ideas

  • Techniques to combat cravings

  • Suggested daily movement videos 

  • Suggested daily relaxation techniques

  • Receive a 37 page participant workbook

  • Daily education and tips

  • Info on how personal care products impact weight

  • Our favorite body wrap DIY

          ...and more!!!


You as a leader will get and learn...

  • How to effectively run a challenge

  • Why 10 days is the "magic number"

  • How to maximize the upcoming promos using this challenge

  • Add an amazing tool and resource to your educational library

  • Learn about email drip campaigns and other ways you can engage & teach your customer base

  • An exclusive Lisa Zimmer make & take to use with this challenge

Master your Metabolism Challenge