Welcome to the Healthy Habits 90 Day Challenge!


We designed this challenge and training course for you to use primarily to learn how to engage NEW customers who are interested in a complete lifestyle change, but can not afford to overhaul their personal care and medicine cabinets all at once. We all know it would be great to get our customers started with the Natural Solutions Kit. In reality the price point of the Natural Solutions Kit just doesn’t fit everyone’s budget. We have found a way for you to get some of the same great products into your customers hands in a structured 3mo buying plan that we have broken out into what we call “Wellness Boxes”.


Month one your customer will enroll with the new Healthy Habits Enrollment Kit. For month 2 & 3 we wil teach you what to have your customers buy. Then they will order the items specified by you or you can help them ship their LRP’s (however you like).


Every month you will provide them education about the products they are about to receive so they can understand how to use them and what benefits they should expect to receive. You can access info on how to do this educaiton here in the training. 


In addition, we have provided tons of suggested content you can use for education and engagement. Enought to span you alsomt 3 full months!


You can also use this challenge to engage existing customers who haven’t really adopted the “lifestyle” yet. They can buy the “Daily Habits Kit” and they can follow the same 3 month suggested purchasing schedule to follow along and receive the same education and lifestyle overhaul as your new customers.


For both new and existing customers this training will teach you how to build value in the LRP program and provides a full scope of the true lifestyle benefits the dōTERRA product line has to offer.


Be sure to join our support group after you purchase!

90 Day Healthy Habits Challenge


    dōTERRA Leader & Educator

    Sparks, NV