Meet Mandi

Hi! My name is Mandi, and I'm a mama of 2 kids, a wife, and a dōTERRA leader and educator. Natural and Holistic health alternatives have been a part of my life from an early age. Fortunately, my mother raised my siblings and I in an "alternative home" so I was exposed to this lifestyle early in childhood. Although essential oils have long played a role in my health practices it wasn't until early in 2016 when I found dōTERRA. I knew very quickly that there was something that set this brand apart from others that I had experienced over the years. As I expanded my knowledge, and began to implement these powerful oils into my daily routines I found that I was having extremely profound experiences.


I soon realized that these oils were too good not to share. Around this same time I became pregnant with my first child and I knew that treating her with traditional Western Medicine techniques weren't always going to be the best or safest options for her. I wanted to have choices. I wanted to be able to decide what was best for my child, and not be pressured into decisions I didn't feel comfortable with. 

Through my experience and knowledge, I have empowered hundreds of individuals in states all over the US to take control over their health, and the health of their families through the power of essential oils. I have also led other dōTERRA leaders to share their experiences and grow their own businesses within their communities. Sharing the benefits of dōTERRA is a true passion of mine. There is no feeling more gratifying than being able to help support healthy living in the homes of my family and friends. 

I’m so glad you found my site today. Feel free to click around. I hope you find some fun educational material. If you are ready to start your dōTERRA journey click here. Follow the instructions and I'll be in touch with you soon! If you need more information or would like to contact me, you will also click here to e-mail me directly.

dōTERRA Leader & Educator

Sparks, NV