With this totally inclusive kit enjoy all of the doTERRA essential oils plus products from all of our most popular lines. Rest assured that you can replace all of your household items with natural alternatives and products from doTERRA.

Additionally start with this kit and get 400 product points to use for FREE oils & products.


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The essential oil singles included in this kit are 15 mL unless noted and are: 

The essential oil blends included in this kit are 15 mL unless noted and are: 

From our Salon Essentials line enjoy:

the Protecting Shampoo

Smoothing Conditioner

Healthy Hold Glaze

and Root to Tip Serum.


From our Spa Collection enjoy: 

Bath Bar

Lip Balm—Herbal

Lip Balm—Original

Lip Balm—Tropical

Hand & Body Lotion

Body Butter

Citrus Bliss Hand Lotion

and the Mud Mask

From our OnGuard collection enjoy:

On Guard Beadlet

On Guard Cleaner Concentrate

On Guard Protecting Throat Drops

On Guard Laundry Detergent

On Guard Foaming Hand Wash w/2 dispensers

On Guard Toothpaste

On Guard Sanitizing Spray

and On Guard+ Softgels

Enjoy the following whole food & essential oil wellness supplements

Lifelong Vitality Pack

DDR Prime Softgels

Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex



DigestZen Softgels

PB Assist+

GX Assist

DigestZen TerraZyme

Zendocrine Complex

TrimShake Vanilla


TriEase Softgels

Breathe Vapor Stick

Breathe® Respiratory Drops

Serenity Restful Complex Softgels

and Peppermint Beadlets.

Enjoy personal care with the following items: 


Reveal Facial System

Veráge Skin Care Collection

and Deep Blue Rub


Grab the best essential oil accessories to compliment your doTERRA collection with:

a doTERRA Rigid Oil Case

Lumo Diffuser

and ⅝ Dram Sample Vials (12 vials)

InTune Roll on (10 mL)

Motivate (5 mL)

On Guard

Passion (5 mL)

PastTense Roll on (10 mL)

Peace (5 mL)



Slim & Sassy


Whisper (5 mL)

and Zendocrine




Cheer(5 mL)

Citrus Bliss

ClaryCalm Roll on (10 mL)

Console (5 mL )

Deep Blue (5 mL)



Forgive® (5 mL)

HD Clear Roll on (10 mL)

Immortelle Roll on (10 mL)

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