What is an essential oil? 


An essential oil is a volatile aromatic compound that comes from the roots, petals, leaves, stems, rinds, or other part of a plant. These plant materials can be distilled removing just the aromatic oil from the source. Watch this video to learn more. 

Why should you choose doTERRA?


doTERRA is a world leader in the essential oil industry. doTERRA has unsurpassed purity, potency, and testing standards. There are many factors that impact the makeup of an essential oil, doTERRA ensures that only the highest quality of oils are produced for sale to our customers. You have many choices when choosing an essential oil brand. Ensure that your brand of choice only produces 100% certified therapeutic grade oils, as these are the safest quality to use on yourself and your family. Watch this video to learn more.

What makes doTERRA different?


doTERRA is not only a leader in the essential oil industry, and a leader in purity and potency standards. doTERRA also gives back to the communities and areas in which they source their plant materials from. doTERRA funds humanitarian projects worldwide to provide better living conditions to the communities where we have farms, distilleries, and harvesters in. doTERRA makes sure the way we source plants is always sustainable and makes sure the lifelong ability to continue to sustain the plant population without endangering its population. Learn more by watching this video.

What is CTPG? 


CTPG stands for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. CTPG is the baseline testing standard that doTERRA sets for all of the oils they produce. This testing process is one of the best and most extensive in the industry. Learn more about CTPG and why its setting the bar high for the oils you purchase from doTERRA.

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